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RyzEx - Crypto cloud mining platform --> SCAM!!!

What is RyzEx?

RyzEX is the innovative cryptocurrency cloud mining tool for TRX, LTC, DOGE and BNB. It gives individuals with accessibility to modern blockchain technologies as well as algorithms for mining cryptos quickly.

In December 2021, the number of users of this platform has already surpassed 1 million, even though it is only 43 days since its launch.

Over 1million users with RyzEx

RyzEx supplies users with the most innovative technologies for mining cryptocurrencies at budget-friendly costs. You can get a profit through hash rate given according to the initial investment - 40GH/s per $1. Thankfully, RyzEx is currently providing the free 160GH/s (equivalent to $4) when you join. 

Investment plan
Investment plan

The profit calculator on the webpage says that if you invest $250, you can earn $300 per month by mining TRX.

Profit calculator
Profit calculator

What coins can be mined?

You can mine TRX, LTC, DOGE and BNB. 

How to start mining?

1. Sign up in homepage. You can get free 160GH/s (equivalent to $4) immediately.

2. Go to the mining tab and slide the bar of each coin to activate the mining process. All coins can be mined at the same time by distributing mining power.

3. Click the power distribution save button to keep the mining operation during logged out status.

Mining tab
Mining tab

How to increase the mining power (hash rate)?

1. You can increase the mining power by depositing the additional currencies. 

2. You can increase the mining power by receiving random bonuses from 1 to 5 GH/s every 6 hours.

3. You can increases the mining power by inviting people. 

4. You can increases the mining power by reinvesting the mined coin.

How to deposit to increase the mining power?

You can increase the mining power through the deposit tab. However, it is unclear whether this is a purchase or a deposit that can be returned later. 

Deposit tab
Deposit tab
How to receive random bonus to increase the mining power?

You can receive random bonuses from 1 to 5 GH/s every 6 hours in the bonus tab. It can be activated immediately and you can see the increased mining power in the mining tab.

Bonus tab
Bonus tab

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 48TRX, 0.0257LTC, 16DOGE, and 0.0103BNB.

Things to know

1. Mining power by subscription bonus (160GH/s), additional deposit, and random bonus is each valid for 180 days.

2. If no additional deposit is made, the withdrawal of mined coin is possible after 60 days. However, it is unclear whether reinvestment of mined coins other than actual currencies deposits is considered as a deposit. I will check later and share it on this blog.

Is it legit or scam?

Not sure yet. However, the average score of TRUSTPILOT is 3.5, and there are comments that people are actually earning profits through withdrawals. Therefore, it may not be a scam. => It is totally SCAM. Currently RyzEx homepage is not working.

To confirm this myself, I am currently mining DOGE coins by starting mining with free 160GH/s mining power without an initial investment. By using 2 times reinvestment and 5 times random bonuses, my mining power has been increased to 178GH/s, and when it reaches 16DOGE, actual withdrawal will be tried and the result will be shared on this blog.

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