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USLION magnetic USB charging cable and plug

Presently, the most popular USB charging cable types on the market are Micro USB, USB Type C, and also Apple Lightning.

Micro USB (5-pin)

It has been utilized for a number of years, and it has a trapezoid form with a different top and lower, so you need to examine it when you connect it to your smart devices.

USB Type-C (24-pin)

USB Type-C is the next-generation standard that will link all terminals in the future. It has 24-pin, so it has much better performance than the existing 5-pin USB. Consequently, not only the recently launched Android but additionally the MacBook and iPad have begun to use this USB Type-C. Above all, the shape of the top as well as bottom coincides, so you can use it no matter exactly how you plug it in.

Apple Lightning (8pin)

This is the USB type utilized by Apple items such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Lightning likewise has very same form of top and lower like USB Type-C.

If you are looking for a USB charging cable for your smart devices, the listed below can be your finest solution.

USLION magnetic USB charging cable and plug

USLION magnetic cable & plug presently shows 4.6 out of 5.0 in star ranking as well as 35,000 selling history in Aliexpress. As the plug and cable are separated by a magnet, you can always maintain the plugs in your smart devices, and simply connect the cable to charge when needed.

Product Overview

  • Integrated Blue LED sign illuminates when the cable is active.
  • Ultra Long Lasting with Steel Port and Nylon Braid Wire
  • The plug is separated from the cable and stays on the smart devices. It enables a quick connection to charge and also can prevent the USB port damages triggered by constant connecting and pulling.
  • The other end of the cable is a USB A type that can be made use of with many adapters.

Customer Review

    + Fast delivery
    + Working well
    - No quick charge supported
    - No data transfer supported

If you are trying to find the inexpensive, high quality and also the distinct style of USB charging cable for your smart devices, why don't you use USLION magnetic cable and plug and enjoy a different experience?

If you would like to purchase of it, then please use the affiliate link below. We may receive a small incentive, but no extra cost to you.

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