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Nvir Market - NvirWorld's NFT marketplace

NvirWorld is one of the hottest metaverse platform in recent years, providing three services in one system: NFT marketplace - "Nvir Market", DeFi system - "N-Hub", and metaverse P2E game - "Nvirland". 

In this article, let's talk about more about NFT marketplace - Nvir Market.

- To learn more about the NvirWorld, refer to the following link. => Click!
- To learn more about the N-Hub, refer to the following link. => Click!

  • As the hybrid decentralized NFT marketplace upgraded from Layer 2, Nvir Market achieves cheaper transaction fee (gas fee) than the world's largest NFT marketplace Opensea. NFT trading in this market is made with Ethereum. 

  • This service has been launched and is currently offering Nvir's unique NFT collection, featuring various categories such as fine art, media art, music and webtoons. If you look at NFT artworks currently displayed in Nvir Market, you can see that many high quality works are accompanied by this project.

NFT Categories in Nvir Market
NFT Categories in Nvir Market

  • In addition to the general market that trades freely, Nvir Market provides the NFT premium auction service (Nvir's Pick) that allows users to safely trade rare and high-value NFT artworks.

  • Nvir Market allows users to purchase and trade ownership without price burdens by sharing ownership of high-value NFT artworks. This means that just as each high-value bitcoin can be split and traded, it is possible to divide the ownership of high-value NFTs and trade them. This breaks down the purchase barrier for expensive NFTs, and I think this is Nvir Market's greatest strength.

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