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NvirWorld - All-in-One Platform for NFT, DeFi, and P2E

What is the NvirWorld?

NvirWorld is one of the hottest metaverse platform in recent years, providing three services in one system: NFT marketplace, DeFi system, and metaverse P2E game and it aims to implement a digital ecosystem where users can live, enjoy, and earn money in the digital world.

The NFT marketplace is called Nvir Market, and the service has been launched and is currently operating. NFT trading in Nvir Market is made with Ethereum, but it is said that the transaction fee (gas fee) is cheaper than the world's largest NFT marketplace Opensea by NvirWorld's own blockchain technology.

The DeFi system is called N-Hub, and is expected to be launched in beta in Q1 and official service in Q2 in 2022. Users can purchase and stake NVIR tokens through this service. It is also said that the transaction fee (gas fee) is minimized by NvirWorld's own blockchain technology.

The metaverse P2E game is called Nvirland, and users can earn crypto tokens as rewards through in-game activities. This service will start as a beta service in Q4 2022, and will be officially launched after Q4 in 2023.

NvirWorld Ecosystem
NvirWorld Ecosystem

Which crypto token is used in the NvirWorld?

NVIR token. It is the governance token traded in NvirWorld platform. As an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, NVIR has its total supply of 10.7 trillion. Currently, it is USD $0.23 in CoinMarketCap, and it has risen by 1,800% for just one month.

NVIR token in CoinMarketCap (2022.03.13)
NVIR token in CoinMarketCap (2022.03.13)

To purchase NVIR token currently, you need to deposit Ethereum in your wallet such as MetaMask, then swap Etherthem to NVIR token in Uniswap DeFi platform. If the N-Hub service is launched later, it will be possible to purchase it at N-Hub with a small gas fee.

>>> Click to learn how to create your MetaMask wallet.

What are revenue models in the NvirWorld?

1. Market profit through NVIR token trading in N-Hub

2. NVIR token staking in N-Hub

3. Market profit through NFT trading in Nvir Market

4. NVIR token rewards through in-game activities in Nvirland

    For more details, let me show you the relevant YouTube video about NvirWorld. 

    Crypto Club. (11/Feb/2022). Hidden Metaverse Gem!? | NvirWorld | Crypto Club. YouTube. 13/Mar/2022.

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