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N-Hub - NvirWorld's DeFi system

NvirWorld is one of the hottest metaverse platform in recent years, providing three services in one system: NFT marketplace - "Nvir Market", DeFi system - "N-Hub", and metaverse P2E game - "Nvirland".  

In this article, let's talk about more about DeFi system - N-Hub.

- To learn more about the NvirWorld, refer to the following link. => Click!
- To learn more about the Nvir Market, refer to the following link. => Click!

  • N-Hub is a decentralized platform and is expected to be launched in beta in Q1 and official service in Q2 in 2022. 
  • Users can exchange Ethereum for NVIR token in N-Hub and earn profits by staking NVIR token and participating its liquidity pool
  • As the hybrid decentralized system upgraded from Layer 2, N-Hub achieves minimal transaction fee (gas fee) and service fee.
  • Users can receive USDn tokens as a staking or liquidity offering reward and can use these USDn tokens to invest in Synthetic Assets. Synthetic Assets refer to fiat currency, company stocks, other crypto currency, or commodity.

Synthetic Assets Investment
Synthetic Assets Investment

For more details, let me show you the relevant YouTube video about NvirWorld. 

AJC. (2/Mar/2022). GET NVIR, THE 700x FAST-RISING TOKEN! GEM METAVERSE OF 2022. YouTube. 13/Mar/2022.

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