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Free Crypto Airdrop - VZN token airdrop, 100 VZN, Binance Smart Chain

There are three main ways to earn cryptocurrency for free without initial investment.

  • The first way is to participate in a crypto airdrop event, which distributes crypto for free to supporters at the beginning of the project. It can be carried out through XRP based XUMM wallet, ETH based MetaMask wallet or Trust wallet, Solana based Phantom wallet, etc.
  • The second method is crypto mining using a PC or smartphone, and there are CPU mining, GPU mining, and cloud mining that does not use your computer resources.
  • The third method is to receive crypto as a reward through activities such as viewing advertisements or installing apps on a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site.

This post covers the first method, the crypto airdrop, and introduces the recent VZN token airdrop.

Vincenzo Network (VZN)

The Vincenzo Network (VZN) aims to build a more immersive metaverse virtual world through first-person perspective. In this metaverse, users will be able to generate profits through P2E games, NFT exchange, or staking while engaging in social networking activities with others.

Airdrop preparation

VZN token are based on Binance Smart Chain, and the following preparations are required.

1. MetaMask wallet or Trust wallet 

    >>> Click to learn how to create your MetaMask wallet.

2. Binance Smart Chain set-up in ETH based MetaMask wallet or Trust wallet

    >>> Click to learn how to add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask wallet.

3. Add VZN token to Binance Smart Chain in MetaMask wallet or Trust wallet

    >>> Click to learn how to import custom tokens to your MetaMask wallet.

  • Token Contract (BEP20): 0x527810fef739caf5611bcec15f4a1f5d51e9027e
  • Token Symbol: VZN
  • Token Decimal: 18

4. SNS accounts - Twitter and Telegram

How to apply VZN token airdrop

Apply for VZN token airdrop through the link below. In order to be eligible for the airdrop, you should perform a few tasks on Telegram and Twitter.

- Telegram link --->

Estimated distribution date

VZN token is planned to be distributed from 20th of April in 2022.

The current value of the tokens received through this kind of airdrop is very low. However, if the project succeeds in the future, it will surely lead to an increase in value and can bring economic benefits to you, therefore it is good to keep it.

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